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Our solutions

Wealth management is a commitment to the future.

Our platform has an experienced and multidisciplinary group that enables us to find the best financial solution for every need, family or business, in Brazil and abroad.


Business Hub of innovative financial solutions

We present independent and customized solutions for the preservation and expansion of your assets, whether in the form of financial assets or real assets (real estate/companies).

Personalized Service

Individualized analysis for each client

We have specialized Committees for the main topics of interest of our clients:

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All debt issues must be approved individually, even from already approved issuers. We use a proprietary methodology to assign a rating to each bond and monitor our aggregate exposure on a quarterly basis.

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Up to date analyzes of the political and economic scenario in Brazil and in the World and its potential impacts on the markets.

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Weekly committee where we define strategic and tactical allocations considering changes in the economic scenario, market pricing and/or investment alternatives.

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Oriz US

We also have an Offshore operation, with a representative office based in Miami to meet your international investment needs.

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Investments Abroad

Offshore assets domiciled in other countries and/or traded in different currencies.

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